Support for Tivo is limited to areas still broadcasting analog signals. Regions with digital cable are no longer able to use a Tivo device and should contact their cable provider for an appropriate PVR device.

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All your PVR in Canada questions answered

Welcome to our site, and congratulations for your interest in PVR systems. Of all the PVR's available on the market today, TiVo digital video recorders are the most advanced, intelligent DVR systems available. TiVo DVR are so much more than a personal video recorder, TiVo has the ability to learn your likes and dislikes, generates recommended viewing and more. Many offer a "Tivo Alternative" but none of them can compare to the original Tivo Series 2 DT.

You've heard about TiVo on television and movies, you want to learn more and you're from Canada. Good news, you're in the right place. is the ONLY online recource for Canadian TiVo fans. Whether you're researching TiVo in Canada, Tivo service and avalability in the Great White North or are existing Canadian TiVo recorder owner looking for help or to purchase Tivo accessories online, we have the resources for you.

Tivo in Canada<--- If you see this little guy on a page, it means this page deals directly with TiVo and Canadian Television Programming !