Support for Tivo is limited to areas still broadcasting analog signals. Regions with digital cable are no longer able to use a Tivo device and should contact their cable provider for an appropriate PVR device.

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How does TiVo work ?

"How does Tivo work" this is the number one question people ask when considering the purchase of a tivo system. If you're at Best Buy tivo section and ask the guys who work there you'll get a dozen answers, all of them conflicting and all of them probably wrong. So before going for tivo buy shopping trip, you've done the smart thing by researching.

How TiVo works is very simple when broken into basic parts.

Part 1 - What do I need ?

For a TiVo PVR to work you need three things !

1. Your existing Shaw Digital Cable or Telus Cable service
For the cable signal, access to digital channels & HD programming

2. An internet connection
So TiVo can download the programming guide, Video on Demand from, YouTube & TiVo's own Video On Demand services

3. The TiVo DVR system of your choice !

Thats it ! In other words, all you need is the Cable Box & Internet you've already got !


Part 2 - TiVo Subscription.

OK, so you've bought your new Tivo from Best Buy, or TiVo themselves, its at home, what now ?
In the box there's an excellent How To Install road map. Just follow the guide and you'll have your new TiVo pvr connected to your Shaw or Telus cable and interest in a matter of minutes.

Yes, you do need one more thing. A TiVo subscription. Dont let that deter you ! Check out our TiVo Vs PVR's guide and you'll soon see your new TiVo Subscription is almost HALF the price of getting the Shaw DVR or Telus PVR.

Its so easy to get a subscription, you can use your Visa, Mastercard or American Express and sign up online at You can even use a prepaid giftcard Visa from the local Sobeys, Safeway, etc !

Part 3 - Whats the Features of TiVo ?

What TiVo does is allow you to watch television a number of ways. It has 2 tuners (one for basic cable, one for High Definition & Digital programming from your cable box) and live internet connection so you have the ability to watch:

- Live TV
- HD TV (pass through)
- Digital TV
- Video On Demand from your accounts
- Video on Demand from your cable provider
- Recorded Live TV, High Definition TV, Digital TV, Shaw VOD & Telus VOD
- Download TiVo on Demand shows
- Stream Web Radio
- Play TiVo Games